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 Our Staff are experienced in providing training  the following service:

  • IT Training Consultancy Services

    • Many organizations are keen to computerize and maximize the use of  information technology but are held back due to a lack of trained staff. We are able to work closely with your organization to provide training needs analysis in order to map out a specified training track to bring up the level of IT competency of your staff.  


  • Desktop End-User Courses

    • We don't only offer generic desktop end-user courses, we are able to customize courses with practical examples and exercises which are relevant to your industry or area of work.


  • Customized Application Training

    • Many system integrators or in-house development teams implementing new systems do not have the capacity or manpower to handle large scale training portion of the project. We are able to work in tandem with the development team to ensure a smooth training transition for users to the new application system.          


  • Specialized Technology Workshops & Seminars

    • We are able to run specialized technology seminars for management or executives who want to know what certain technologies are capable of, but do not have the time or need to find our in depth the technical aspects of those technologies.


  • Developing Computer Based Training Applications (CBT)

    • We offer CBT Applications development services for the purpose of E learning.


  • Courseware Curriculum Development 

    • We are able to work with you to build and develop applications courseware curriculum.


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