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  Learning Focus Technologies is appointed the Singapore Reseller for the following Academic Software Titles:

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Mindjet’s MindManager enagages and align people to work smarter, think creatively and save time by visually capturing, organizing and communicating ideas and information effectively.
It is also widely used in the field of teaching and learning as  MindManager 7 helps students, faculty and administrators visually and logically organize ideas, information and resources. Schools are able to use  MindManager to capture notes, share research and resources and enrich class time to significantly enhance academic success.


 A Powerful Tool for Any Thinking Task -  Buzan's iMindmap™


Why it Works...

First ever software to fully utilise true Mind Mapping principles:

- Duplicates the brain's natural 'non-linear' thinking process

- It's personal - You produce your Mind Maps, not the software

- Express the creativity of hand-drawn maps, using your

Launched by Tony Buzan - the inventor of Mind Mapping


PresentationPRO’s PowerCONVERTOR

PowerPoint to Flash Conversion

Thousands of professors and teachers use PowerPoint every day to create and manage course material and share that content with students both locally and remote. PowerCONVERTER allows you to quickly and easily convert your PowerPoint Presentations to Flash. PowerCONVERTOR will retain the links within your PowerPoint slides so that you can create an interactive e-lesson in Flash format using a PowerPoint which is a tool most users can handle without relearning complex procedures in Flash.



 FlipAlbum 6 Suite

Create and Distribute 3D Page-Flipping Digital Albums on CDs

FlipAlbum 6 Suite automatically organizes photos into realistic page-flipping albums and lets you create, view, edit and share online your digital albums. In addition to multi photos and texts per page, MP3 and video playback on any page, you get rapid flipping pages, more themes and borders to choose from. Flip Album can beused to present project work and for multi-disciplinary collaborative learning.


At long last there is a professional OCR program that satisfies even the most demanding user, providing
unsurpassed accuracy of recognition, excellent layout retention and unmatched productivity. FineReader has been elected the winner in over 70 tests worldwide.

The new software delivers significant improvements in word accuracy and format retention, new ease-of-use features, added saving options, plus PDF

FineReader can be used with any scanner to convert any paper documents images files and PDF files into editable text documents like: Word, Excel, HTML etc. It can also convert files of other formats back into PDF files.

Design Science MathType™ is a powerful interactive tool that will revolutionize the way you create print and Web-based documents that contain math. MathType works with any word processor, presentation program, page layout program, HTML-authoring tool and other types of software, to create equations for research papers, class materials, Web pages, slide presentations, journal articles and books.

If you are familiar with our Equation Editor included in Microsoft Office and other products, then you will really appreciate MathType's extra features. It will let you create a wider range of equations for a wider range of documents, and help you work much more efficiently. We've added an enormous amount of functionality that effectively transforms Microsoft Word into a state-of-the-art math word processor and Web page editor.

MathType includes our new MathPage™ technology that enables you to transform an entire Word document to a Web page with equations that print and display beautifully in any modern Windows, Macintosh, Unix or Linux browser -- no existing product or technology yields better results or is easier to use.

Word2TeX 3.0
Word2TeX is a converter designed in order to use with Microsoft Word and enables Microsoft Word to save documents in LaTeX format.

LaTeX is a de-facto standard in scientific publishing and most scientific publishers accept papers only in LaTeX format. LaTeX documents can be published not only on the paper, but on the Web using, for instance, pdfTeX which compiles TeX/LaTeX documents to PDF (Portable Document Format by Adobe).

TeX2Word 2.0
TeX2Word is a converter designed in order to use with Microsoft Word and enables Microsoft Word to open documents in TeX/LaTeX format.

TeX/LaTeX is a de-facto standard in scientific publishing, but many publishers accept papers only in Microsoft Word format. 

ConceptDraw VI (For Win or Mac Version)

Power for your Concepts, Projects and Decisions
ConceptDraw is a powerful cross-platform professional business graphics application that will help you visualize and structure information, add illustrations and drawings to your documents

Supporting Mapping Methods include:

·        Basic flowcharts

·        Audit Flowcharts

·        Cause-Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams

·        Cross-functional diagrams

·        Data flow diagrams

·        Opportunity flowcharts

·        Workflow diagrams

·        Organization Charts

·        Pert charts

·        Calendars

·        Timelines

·        Planners

·        Comparison charts

·        Criminal Analysis Charts.

·        Pyramids Target diagrams

·        Venn diagrams

·        Other marketing diagrams


·        Building plans

·        Office layouts

·        Electric and telecom plans

·        Expo and shopping mall plans

·        Plumbing and piping plans

·        Reflected ceiling plans

·        Seating plans

·        Security and access plans

·        Forms and maps

·        Geo-maps

 Markin is a tool designed for teachers who wish to find a more effective way of marking student work than hand-writing tiny annotations in the margins of essays.

Markin enables you to mark students’ work on the computer, and return an attractive, clear document to the student. The marked work can be returned in the form of a colourful word-processor document or file, or an interactive Web page for viewing in a Web browser for collaborative learning.



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